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The Story Of The Shoes

The Story Of The Shoes has given the audience the emotions with all different scales of life.”

The Story Of The Shoes is not just about any old pair of shoes. The shoes have always been an integral part of the life of the professional dancers. The shoes share moments in the dancer’s life, sing and dance with the dancer, carry the dancer’s passion and love, tear and laughter, hope and despair

The Story Of The Shoes also recounts the story of the professional dancers who silently devote and sacrifice their lives to the fulfilment their dreams, the dream of bringing the art of dancing to a wider audience and passing it on to the future generations.

The Story Of The Shoes honors dancer who performs for their hard work despite of all the worries in life.

The Story Of The Shoes offers a slice of real life and passion in the dance world which will help the audience to fee, understand, share the belief and long for those dreams to come true. 

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